Diving Boards

Baltimore Co Diving Boards
Diving Boards
Diving boards make a fun addition to the deep end of your inground pool. Mid Atlantic Pool Service installs diving boards at pools throughout Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County and Anne Arundel County.
We install diving boards during pool construction, but also as an add-on feature for your inground pool. We recommend diving boards and dive stands from InterFab and S.R. Smith because they are quality made, and last for years.
Diving Board Safety
If you’re thinking about getting a diving board for your pool, you first need to think about safety. Is the deep end of your pool at least 9 feet deep? That’s the minimum depth recommended by the American Red Cross. That’s actually the recommended depth for any head first dive into a pool, including from the pool deck.
Will children under five years old be supervised at all times? Do you enforce pool rules such as no running? It is the responsibility of pool owners to understand and enforce basic safety rules.
When it comes to the installation of diving boards, there are codes and regulations regarding how long your diving board can be, where it can be placed, etc. The pool technicians at Mid Atlantic Pool Service stay up to date on the latest regulations, and can advise you want will work for your particular situation. We abide by the American national Standard for Residential Inground Swimming Pools as it pertains to the installation of  diving equipment.
When we install diving boards and stands, we follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. There are specific requirements when installing a diving board such as how far the base of the diving board is located from the edge of pool water, how far the board extends over the pool, and height above the pool water and more. A properly installed diving board will help prevent a careless injury.
Diving boards can bring a lot of enjoyment to swimmers young and old, but it’s important to remember, safety comes first.
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We are a full service pool company, from pool installation to pool repair, pool maintenance and pool supplies.