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Pool Plaster
Pool plaster is what covers the wall and floors of your concrete pool to give it a watertight seal. While plaster can last up to 20 years in ideal conditions, we all know conditions are rarely ideal. Eventually, the plaster coating will degrade, and you will need a new coat of plaster.
Pool Plaster Repair
Mid Atlantic Pool Service performs pool plaster application in Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County and Anne Arundel County. We can apply new plaster any time from early spring to early fall. Applying pool plaster, does of course, require that the pool be empty, so most of our clients try to schedule it in the spring before pool season is in full swing.
If you can see large dark patches on your pool walls or floor, that’s the gunnite, or concrete showing through, meaning your pool plaster is extremely thin and you need a new coat of plaster. Large plaster cracks can be patched, and may not require a full re-plastering.
Small cracks are known as crazing, and aren’t actually cracks at all. They are usually caused by extreme temperatures during curing. Acid washing can remove the crazed layer.
If your existing plaster is stained, we will work to resolve the issues in the pool water that are causing the staining before beginning the pool plastering process. This usually relates to a chemical imbalance in the water.
We’ll chip away the old plaster and dispose of it, and will apply a bond coat before troweling the plaster to a smooth hard finish. Plaster bonds better to gunnite than to old plaster.
Once we’ve applied the new pool plaster, we fill your pool, as the plaster needs to hydrate in order to cure properly. It’s important not to turn the water off until your pool has filled completely up to the middle of the perimeter tiles. Failure to keep the water flowing until the pool is full could result in shrinkage/stress cracks and/or a permanent water line on the plaster.
We’ll give you full, written instructions on how to care for your pool plaster for what to do and what not to do, for the first 30 days after the plaster is applied.
If you’re getting work done on your pool plaster as part of an overall pool renovation, we can handle the other aspects of your project as well, including new pool tile, new pool coping, pool upgrades such as a pool heater, pool cleaner, pool lights or new pool deck.
And of course, if you’re investing in your pool, you may want to consider a pool maintenance plan to keep your pool looking its best, and to keep small problems from becoming big ones.

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