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Pool Tile
Pool tile has come a long way in recent years. With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, we can help bring new life to your aging pool with new pool tile during concrete pool renovation.
Early spring is the best time to install new pool tile, because the temperatures are warming and your pool water is already lowered! Call us today at 410-598-9740 to get a free estimate.
Pool Tile Repair
Pool tile repair is possible, depending on the severity of the damage. If your pool tile is cracked or discolored, it may be best to replace it. How much of your pool tile you replace depends on the stability of your existing tile. We may be able to replace just a few areas with a tile that coordinates with your existing tile, or you may opt for a whole new look.
We get most of our pool tile from Baystate Pool Supplies. and South Central Pool Supplies. They have an amazing selection, of colors and styles and you’re sure to find something you like!
If you’re replacing pool tile as part of an overall pool renovation, we can handle the other aspects of your project as well, including new coping, new plaster, pool upgrades such as a pool heater, pool cleaner, pool lights or new pool deck.
And of course, if you’re investing in your pool, you may want to consider a pool maintenance plan to keep your pool looking its best, and to keep small problems from becoming big ones.
Call Mid Atlantic Pool Service today at 410-598-9740 to schedule pool tile repair or new pool tile installation on your concrete pool. We can’t wait to work with you!

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We are a full service pool company, from pool installation to pool repair, pool maintenance and pool supplies.