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Is My Yard Right for an Inground Pool?

Is My Yard Right for an Inground Pool?

Inground pools are most easily installed in flat, level yards with easy access for heavy equipment. That doesn’t mean if your yard has a slope or limited access that you can’t have a pool installed.

Severe lot conditions such as steeply sloping lots, rocky soil and limited access may require special construction and installation considerations and can add to the overall cost and time it takes to complete your inground pool installation project.

If you’re considering installing an inground pool, call the experts at Mid Atlantic Pool Service today at 410-598-9740 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll do a site evaluation, take measurements, check the grade, possibly take a soil sample, and before we leave, we can tell you which shape pool would best suit your needs and whether or not it would actually be possible to construct a pool in your desired location.

Once we’ve made the determination that installing an inground pool is feasible, we may ask you a few more questions about the type of pool you’re interested in, who will use it, what sort of pool equipment and pool deck you are looking to install, and more, including what your budget is. We can then prepare an estimate including several different options, so you can see what your money is best spent on.

As with any major purchase, you will want to get multiple estimates. Mid Atlantic Pool Service has built a reputation over the years for installing beautiful inground pools at reasonable prices. We look forward to working with you!